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GAPS Intro Meat and Potatoes

GAPS Intro Meat and Potatoes (AIP, Paleo, SCD)

Maybe it is because I live in the Midwest. Maybe it is because I have Irish and German roots. Maybe it is just because I love comfort food. Whatever the reason, I love this GAPS Intro Meat and Potatoes dish.

Oh and it is safe for AIP and Stage One of GAPS Intro.

That’s right. A Stage One meal you can eat with a fork.

It’s delicious. It’s nourishing. It’s comforting. And when you are on GAPS Intro, the idea is quite exciting.

So how do you eat meat and potatoes on a diet that is considered a soup only diet, where you can’t have roasted meats or starches? Simple: substitute, boil, and deconstruct.

GAPS Intro Meat and Potatoes

GAPS Intro Meat and PotatoesFirst the meat: early on in GAPS Intro all foods must be well cooked and simmered. Poultry and boiled beef roast, shredded, work the best for this. I used turkey my first time around because I was craving Thanksgiving food. Simply cook as you would normally, remove from the bone, and shred. If cooking poultry, take all soft bits (skin, cartilage, giblets, etc.) and puree them in a blender with enough broth to achieve your desired consistency.. This makes a nutrient dense and healing gravy.

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