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Best Fertility App

Best Fertility App – A Review of 10 Free Charting Apps

What is the best fertility app?

I’m generally a pen-and-paper kind of gal. But when it comes to charting my cycle for Natural Family Planning, I like to also have a electronic version of my chart. It allows me to track a wide variety of symptoms, keep everything in one place, and easily share my charts with my online, FAM friends if I have a question.

Note that I DO NOT use a fertility app for period or ovulation predication. While fertility apps can give estimation and for those with very regular cycles, they may be correct. However, even those with regular cycles can have something throw them off. This is why the rhythm method doesn’t work, and this is why it is dangerous to rely on apps.

Fertility apps do not know your body, and their algorithms can be wrong. I love using apps to confirm my ovulation and get stats about my cycles. But after two years of charting, sometimes I look at my app and my paper chart and can tell that it did not assign my ovulation properly.

For the most accurate information about your cycle, be sure to track your temperatures and cervical mucus along with when your period comes.

Fertility charting apps can be a great resource, this is simply a reminder to learn your body and fertility signs for yourself. It will give you much more accurate information for either trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy.

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