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Thanksgiving Soup

Thanksgiving Soup (AIP, GAPS Intro, Paleo)

Have you ever had Thanksgiving Soup?

Maybe not. I never had myself until I invented it about a month back.

Here’s something you should know about me: I mash my food together. My family would always tease me about this, but it just made eating easier. When I made my GAPS Intro Meat and Potatoes a few weeks back, I went right back to this pattern. I took those lovely pictures with everything portioned out. And then I immediately mashed everything together.

All I could think was, “Here I am, eating food with a fork for the first time in a month, and I have basically turned it into a low-liquid soup.”

And then the next day for lunch, I did the exact same thing, only this time I put my leftovers in a bowl and added broth. Since I had used turkey, it was basically a Thanksgiving dinner in soup for. Hence the name – Thanksgiving Soup!

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