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Why Every Woman Needs to Know Her Cycle

Why Every Single Woman Needs to Know Her Cycle

Every. Single. Woman.

Even single women (ha, see what I did there?).

Do you know how often your periods come? Are your periods healthy? Do you know if you are ovulating? Do you know if you may have hypothyroidism or PCOS? Do you suffer from infertility? Do you know if you may struggle to get pregnant? Do you know if you may be able to get pregnant, but will likely suffer frequent miscarriages?

What if you could know every one of these things? What if you could diagnose and treat a health concern before it becomes an issue? What if you could feel empowered by recognizing the root cause of symptoms? What if you could feel confident addressing concerns about your health with your doctor?

All of this and more is possible. All you have to do it pay attention and listen to your body.

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