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Flourishing in Deutschland

Introducing Flourishing in Deutschland

If you haven’t seen my various mentions on the blog or social media, I am moving to Germany! One month from today, my husband and I will be boarding the plane and saying good bye to America for at least 3 years.

I’m sure this experience will crop up over here on How We Flourish quite a bit. How could it not! I will have to schedule a lot of things out well in advance in preparation for the move (hopefully you can all be patient with me!), but once we get settled in, I will be heavily influenced by the available foods and the lifestyle of this beautiful European country. Like no more peanut butter. Sad day. (It’s alright. Everything else more than makes up for that.)

In preparation for this terrifying, exciting, and life changing move, I have started up a new blog. This one will be very personal, focusing on our day-to-day life. It will be a way for me to record our adventure and keep friends and family back home updated. If you don’t want to hear about German lessons and trials at the registration office, it might not be your thing.

But why not offer the link to all my lovely readers! The blogger in me does plan to share more than just daily life updates. I will also be reflecting on German life and sharing my experiences in an informational format (as opposed to journaling) on occasion. If life as an expat in German intrigues you, why don’t you go check out my new blog, Flourishing in Deutschland. It launches today, so only the welcome and about pages are up. Once September hits, though, it will fill up fast! I am keeping the site itself simple and free of advertising; this is just for me.

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