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Kitchen Sink Budget-Friendly Lentil Stew

“Kitchen Sink” Budget-Friendly Lentil Stew

Confession time: I used to hate lentils.

My only exposure to them was my mom’s lentil salad, which I thought was just the nastiest thing ever. However, when I was 21 I decided to expand my culinary pursuits in an effort to heal my body, and I found that lentils actually weren’t that bad! The problem with the salad was that it was cold and had a vinegar dressing. This has happened to me so many times in the past two years – finding out foods I thought I hated were actually delicious.

A few months after that lentil rediscovery, I started on an elimination diet to heal my eczema. One of the first dishes I made was a lentil stew with Indian spices. To this day, this and Nourishing Meal’s mung bean stew are my favorite dishes. However, I don’t always have all the ingredients on hand when I’m craving a nice, hearty stew. As a result, I have played with and adapted the basic lentil stew recipe until I could make it easily with any of the ingredients in my fridge.

My “kitchen sink” budget-friendly lentil stew uses a basic blueprint for ingredients and techniques that allows you to use whatever foods you enjoy or have on hand. It will save you time and money every time you make it. It is freezer family, hearty, and will keep your family well fed. I love it.

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