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Throwback Thursday: How it All Started

Just over two years ago, I started this blog.

It was on a whim. I had just started learning how to replace the commercial products in my home with natural, homemade ones. I have learned so much since then, and this blog has grown into something that people actually read. I still find my old posts incredibly important resources, and I frequently go back to them on my own. Yet they are old, don’t contain pictures, and generally are not internet-friendly.

Each week, I will be featuring one or more of these old posts. Updating their content a little. Discussing how what I do has changed since then, or how they are still working for me. Adding pictures. I’m excited to share these old posts with my new readers! I hope you like them, too.

Curious as to how it all started? I started with a simple post, detailing why I was starting the blog. I could literally pinpoint the moment I decided to make a huge life change, and I haven’t stopped since!

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