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Traveling on GAPS Intro

Traveling on GAPS Intro

Traveling on GAPS Intro, or any stage of the GAPS Diet, is certainly not easy. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you do not plan to start GAPS Intro if you will be traveling in the near future. However, GAPS is a long ordeal! GAPS Intro can last months and most people have to be on Full GAPS for years. You can’t just lock yourself in your house where the food is safe for that whole time.

I traveled for the first time since beginning GAPS this past weekend. It was a simple trip: we drove 5 hours north to stay in a cabin with my family. It was a good starter trip, and I am glad we didn’t do anything more extravagant than that. As I talked about in my 2 month update, it was stressful! How can traveling not be when you are on a restricted diet, away from your fridge and your appliances, and surrounded by people not on the same diet?

But it is doable, and the farther you are into your healing journey, the easier it will be. For GAPS newbies like me, here are some tips to have a relaxing weekend away without losing your mind:

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