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Essential Oils for Emotional Detox

Manage Emotional Detox with Essential Oils

Many people go on the GAPS Diet to manage and heal digestive problems or food sensitivities. However, it is called Gut and Psychology Syndrome. And when addressing psychological problems with GAPS, die-off in the form of emotional detox will hit. And it will hit hard.

Many parents use GAPS to help their children with autism. A frequently overlooked use for GAPS, however, is for psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. I began GAPS hoping to improve my energy and heal my thyroid, acne, and reproductive hormones. But subclinical depression and anxiety were huge problems that I dealt with. I told myself that this was just me; this was my normal. But it’s not and I am so thankful to GAPS for showing me that. I am happier, more emotionally stable, and have more emotional stability than I have in far too long.

Some of these benefits are often see fairly quickly: My husband’s brain fog cleared up after just 3 days on GAPS. But you will also see die off. When healing the gut and digestive problems, die off often manifests as fatigue and digestive symptoms: constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, etc. Dealing with this is simple. Manage symptoms, eat healing foods, cut back on detoxing foods, take baths, and get through it. You may be uncomfortable, but at least your brain is working. This is the type of detox many people focus on.

Unfortunately, the brain and the gut are intimately linked. If you have gut issues, you likely have some sort of psychological issue. And as you heal, you will experience die-off in this capacity, too. This “emotional detox” can be debilitating.

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